Austin Film Festival 2016

Dr. Donaldson was thrilled to participate in a workshop for SciFi finalists at the Austin Film Festival 2016. We have made so many amazing discoveries and advances in the last few decades that there is no reason not to develop realistic portrayals of science in film. And it's a great way to inspire the next generation of scientists and help raise awareness for the importance of public funding for the purpose of advancing humanity.                                                                                                                                        

Puppy Love

Check out this movie created by Bent Jorgen-Perlmutt in Collaboration with Zoe, for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in association with the Science & Entertainment Exchange, and the Sundance Institute.

...And the science behind it:

Center For Complicated Grief- Columbia University

Zoe speaks regarding the neurobiology of bonding, and the loss of such bonds - resulting in grief.